CDC iMap

The B.C. Conservation Data Centre (CDC) maps known element occurrences (an area of land and/or water where a species or ecosystem is known to occur) of red- and blue-listed species and ecosystems. The CDC database includes the best available information and is updated on a regular basis.

CDC iMap has been upgraded with new functionality! This includes a new Spatial Query tool, more basemap options and the ability to use the applications across all web browsers.

Learn more about CDC element occurrence data, including publicly available and secured data:

How to Use CDC iMap

The CDC maps known locations of species and ecosystems at risk (element occurrences or EOs). Watch this application tutorial to learn more.

If you do not find an element occurrence in your area of interest, this means there are none currently mapped in the CDC database. The best way to verify whether an area contains a species or ecosystem at risk is to have do a detailed assessment of the property during the appropriate season.