EcoCat Ecological Reports Catalogue

EcoCat provides access to reports on ecological activities in British Columbia, plus related files such as maps, datasets and published inventories when available. Subject areas include: aquatic species and habitats, terrestrial species and habitats, floodplain mapping, reservoirs, ground water and vegetation.

Searching EcoCat

Search for EcoCat reports using any of three different methods:

  • basic search — simply type in keywords to search all fields (title, author, etc.)
  • advanced search — limit by species, geography or report type
  • map search — first, double-click on the map to zoom in on a region of interest, until blue circles are visible. Then, using the “Point Identify” selection tool, click on a blue circle to see that location’s associated reports. Requires a recent version of Internet Explorer.

Additional search details & description of EcoCat's data (PDF)