Pesticide Record-keeping & Reporting

Licence, Confirmation & Permit Holders

Use these forms to record and report information about pesticide applications.

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Pesticide Use Record

Record and report information about each pesticide application.

Annual Use Summary

Record the total quantities of pesticides applied during a calendar year. Annual use summary reports must be submitted by January 31 the following year.

Categories of Forms:

1. For licensees reporting pesticide use other than pesticide treatments on more than 20 hectares of private forest land. This includes pesticide treatments on less than 20 hectares of private forest land.

2. For licensees reporting pesticide use on more than 20 hectares of private forest land.

3. For confirmation holders


To ensure that fumigations are performed safely, according to pesticide labels and current standards, the ministry now places conditions on fumigation certificates and pesticide licences.

Record a fumigation management plan for each type of fumigation performed at each site in each separate facility. Submit this plan at least 24 hours before the first fumigation is conducted.


Record information for each sale of commercial and restricted pesticides.

Record total quantities of commercial and restricted labeled pesticides sold in a calendar year. Submit this form before April 1 the following year.