Groundwater Wells

Groundwater wells provide industry, municipalities, farms and homeowners with access to groundwater to meet domestic and non-domestic water needs.

Groundwater wells must be constructed and maintained to ensure that the groundwater supply is safe from pollution, and the possibility of wasted water is minimized.

Groundwater Protection Regulation

The Groundwater Protection Regulation (GWPR) protects groundwater quality and quantity by setting strict standards for the construction and maintenance of wells, establishing qualifications for well drillers and well pump installers, and requiring that most wells be constructed by qualified well drillers who are registered with the province. The GWPR also distinguishes between well related activities that may be carried out by the well owner or property owner, and those activities that must be performed by qualified well drillers, qualified well pump installers and professionals.

Information for Property Owners

If you use groundwater to supply your property with water for domestic or non-domestic use, you need to know the general requirements for constructing and maintaining a well and installing a pump. You are strongly encouraged to plan for and construct your well so that your essential needs are met safely, efficiently and securely, without harming the groundwater supply.

Information for Well Drillers and Well Pump Installers

Constructing and decommissioning wells, and installing well pumps, are restricted activities that must be performed or directly supervised by qualified people who are registered with the province to work in B.C.


An aquifer is a geological formation or underground layer of rock, gravel, sand or silt that contains groundwater that can be brought to the surface through a water well. The ability to monitor groundwater quality and quantity within B.C.'s aquifers is an important tool in planning for future water use and allocation.

Groundwater Well Data and Mapping Tools

Data and tools are available to help you learn about wells and groundwater in your area and around the province. You can also submit information about your own well to help the B.C. Government improve knowledge of groundwater resources.

Regional Groundwater Contacts

Regional Groundwater staff can help to address your groundwater questions and concerns.