Air, Land & Water

All living things depend on air and water to survive. Caring for our environment includes keeping our air and water supply fresh, clean and healthy.

Spills and Environmental Emergencies

Any spill that threatens the environmental quality of water, land or air must be reported. Possible threats include gas leaks, oil, diesel or chemical spills and any other release of hazardous material to the environment.

Site remediation

Identifying and cleaning up contaminated sites helps minimize negative impacts to human health and the environment. Collaboration with land owners, communities, public organizations and other stakeholders ensures that development opportunities are supported while protecting the health and beauty of our province.


Air quality has a direct impact on the health of humans and the environment. Learn how different emissions affect air quality, how B.C. measures and monitors air quality, and how we can make healthy air choices.


The quantity and quality of our water supply is essential to public health and sustainable communities.


Caring for the environment includes protecting habitats, ecosystems and vegetation while monitoring ongoing development projects.

Explore Within

Permitting and compliance at sites of interest

Government permits and ensures compliance with environmental regulations at thousands of sites province wide. Find out more about the status of high profile sites in B.C.