Flood debris management

In November 2021, large rainfall events known as atmospheric rivers caused flooding in the Sumas Prairie to Hope, Merritt and Princeton areas.

Floods have the potential to release and deposit contaminants into the environment. This can affect human health and the environment. 

The province is responding to these floods in several ways. This includes providing information and guidance on the environmental impact of these floods.

Resources and guidance

Debris map

Visit the interactive debris map for more information on response efforts.

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Project updates

Review bulletins and news releases regarding the flood response efforts.

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Waste debris

Find resources to help manage waste debris.

Water quality

Find out how the province is monitoring water quality.

Waterway debris

Review what's happening with waterway debris.

Structures threatened by water

Find out how the province is assessing structures threatened by water.


Learn how the province is managing sediment.