BC Registries modernization initiative

BC Registries and Online Services is completing a multi-year initiative to replace and improve all services in BC OnLine with new services in the modernized BC Registry application. Today, the new BC Registry application includes Cooperative Associations, Benefit Companies, Name Requests, Personal Property Registry, and Rural Property Tax Search, with other services to be modernized in future phases later this year.

The following are now available in the new BC Registry application:

Business Registry application:

Personal Property Registry application:

  • Complete a search for personal property liens
  • Register, amend, renew or discharge a registration

Rural Property Tax Search Application:

  • Search property tax records for rural properties or leased crown land

Note: All browsers will work, except for Internet Explorer.

What's next

Coming in 2022

These services will be modernized in the new BC Registry Application:

  • Business Search for cooperative associations, benefit companies, sole proprietorships and general partnerships
    • API Services for the Business Search application
  • Business Registry new features
    • Start and maintain sole proprietorships and general partnerships
    • API Services for the Business Registry application
  • Manufactured Homes Registry
  • BC Assessment, Sites Registry, Court Services Online
  • Wills Registry

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