BC Registries modernization initiative

BC Registries and Online Services is completing a multi-year initiative to replace and improve registry applications that currently exist in BC OnLine. All applications in BC OnLine are moving to BC Registries’ new modernized application in phases. Today, the new BC Registry supports the Business Registry, with other services such as the Personal Property, Manufactured Homes, and Wills Registries being modernized soon.

The following are now available in the new BC Registry application:

Business Registry application:

Personal Property Registry application:

  • Coming January 25, 2022

What's next

Coming in 2022

These services will be moved to the new BC Registry application:

  • Online maintenance filings like change of address or change of name
  • API services for Personal Property Registry and the BC Registry application
  • Registration of sole proprietorships and general partnerships
  • Incorporation of community contribution companies, cooperatives or credit unions

BC OnLine services will also start to be modernized to the new platform.

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