Provincial Scholarships Program Information for Students

The program recognizes student achievement and encourages students to pursue post-secondary education.

To win a scholarship, you should meet its specific requirements and the basic eligibility requirements.

If you have already won a scholarship but haven’t submitted your redemption request (or have lost your voucher), see Ways to Redeem.

If you are expecting to get a scholarship voucher and don't know its processing status or where it is, see Using or Replacing a Scholarship Voucher.

Provincial Scholarships

Scholarship Amount Application Required Vouchers Mailed
BC Achievement $1,250 No October
District/Authority $1,250 Yes, through school/district October
BC Excellence $5,000 Yes. September
Pathway to Teacher Education $5,000 Yes. September

The Graduation Program Examinations Scholarships and Passport to Education program are now phased out for current students but past students may be able to redeem these awards.

Using or Replacing a Scholarship Voucher

Most scholarship vouchers must be used within five years of high school graduation. Check the expiry date shown on your voucher.

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Graduating This Year?

Are you are graduating in this school year? See relevant scholarship information: