Provincial Scholarships Program information for students

Last updated on May 14, 2024

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The provincial scholarships program recognizes student achievement and encourages students to pursue post‑secondary education. 

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Types of scholarships

Scholarship Amount Application Process Vouchers
BC Achievement $1,250 No application required November
District/Authority $1,250 Apply through the school or district November
BC Excellence $5,000 Seek the school’s nomination and apply by February 15 October
Pathway to Teacher Education $5,000 Apply by February 15 October

To receive a scholarship, students must meet the program’s core eligibility requirements as well as the specific requirements of the award.

How the program works (overview)

A student must do the following:

  1. earn a scholarship and satisfy all eligibility requirements;
  2. pay tuition and start their program;
  3. receive their paper voucher in the mail (by the end of November);
  4. ask their post-secondary institution or program provider to stamp and sign their voucher;
  5. redeem their voucher with the Ministry; and,
  6. wait for their cheque to arrive in the mail.

How to use a scholarship

How to turn your scholarship voucher into a cheque:

Get instructions

Getting help with your scholarship


Get help redeeming your scholarship

Please review our instructions on redeeming your voucher.

However, you can also to speak to someone about how to redeem your scholarship. For example, you could ask, "How can I get proof of enrolment if my classes are all online?" Please try one of the options below.



Elsewhere in B.C. Toll Free



Request a status update

If you would like to ask for an update regarding the status of your scholarship or scholarship payment, please use the online form. With this form, you may ask a question such as, “I redeemed my scholarship over eight weeks ago and have not received my payment. Was my cheque returned to the Ministry as undeliverable?”

Request a status update