Pay for School

Post-secondary education is a great investment – be sure to plan what your costs are going to be. Students need to be prepared to pay for things like tuition, student fees, books, supplies, room and board, and transportation.

Funding Options

Besides using personal savings or getting help from family and friends, there are two other options students can use to help pay for school:

Grants and scholarships

A type of funding that doesn’t have to be repaid. Students need to meet specific requirements in order to qualify for a specific grant or scholarship.

Student loans

The provincial and federal governments can loan students money to help cover education costs.

Tuition Waiver

This program waives tuition fees for B.C. students who are former youth in care between 19 – 26 years of age, attending a B.C. public post-secondary institution.


Paying back a student loan: Before you take out a student loan, find out how much it will cost and how long you have to pay it back.