Independent school funding

Publication date: January 9, 2024

Some independent schools in B.C. receive funding at either 50% or 35% of their local public school district rate. Independent schools that receive funding are required to:

  • Be operated by a non-profit independent school authority
  • Employ B.C. certified teachers
  • Have educational programs consistent with ministerial orders
  • Provide a program that meets the learning outcomes of the B.C. curriculum
  • Meet various administrative requirements
  • Maintain adequate educational facilities
  • Comply with municipal and regional district codes

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Operating Grant Amounts

Eligible Student (ES) Audit

For Group 1 and 2 Independent Schools (excluding Distributed Learning and Independent Band Schools):

Statement of Per-Student Operating Costs (SOPSOC)

Public School District Per Student FTE Operating Costs: The following information is for the purpose of completing the Statement of Per-Student Operating Costs (SOPSOC). Please do not confuse these figures with operating grant amounts for independent schools.

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