Independent School Policies

Policies and procedures used for the setup and operation of independent schools in B.C. 

Title Date Status
Adult Non-Graduated Funding Policy - Independent Schools March 31, 2013 Current
Alternative Delivery in the Physical and Health Education and Planning 10 Curricula July 1, 2016 Current
Anti-Money Laundering / Cash Payment - Independent Schools September 1, 2020 Current
B.C. Teacher Education Program Approval Standards January 9, 2012 Current
Board/Authority Authorized Courses January 28, 2004 Current
Classification of Independent Schools August 20, 2021 Current
Daily Physical Activity Revised July 1, 2016 Revised
Educational Standards for Independent Schools  N/A Current
Establishing an Independent School Revised May 1, 2014, Issued July 31, 2013 Current
External Evaluation and Inspection for Independent Schools N/A Current
Grants to Independent Schools N/A (Revised May, 2020) Current
Group 4 Independent School Bonding Policy August 8, 2021 Current
Homeschooling N/A Current
Independent Schools Offering Boarding Policy October 4, 2022 Current
International Student English Language Learner or French Language Learner Assessment Policy for Independent Schools August 8, 2021 Current
International Student Graduation Credit July 1, 2004 Current
Online Learning Policy Effective July 1, 2023 New
Professional Conduct Policy Effective January 9, 2012 Current
Provincial Scholarships Program July 1, 2016
Revised December 2020 
Reporting Requirements and Data Collection - Independent Schools N/A Current
Safe & Caring School Communities November 2019 Current
School Closure Policy Sept 3, 2021 Current
Special Education Programs and Funding - Independent Schools October 31, 2016 Current
Standards for Educators January 12, 2012 Current
Testing Lead Content in Drinking Water January 1, 2017 Current
Teacher Certification Policy Effective January 9, 2012 Current