You got the job

Last updated: January 19, 2022

The offer

If you're successful in a job competition, the hiring manager will contact you to make a job offer.

Take this opportunity to ask any outstanding questions you may have.

If you accept the job, a link to your official offer letter will be emailed to you:

  • You must accept the offer by logging into the Career Centre in the Recruitment Management System (RMS)
  • You must provide your date of birth and social insurance number to the hiring manager
  • Depending on the job functions, the job offer may include information about completing the security screening process before the offer can be confirmed

Read the offer carefully and complete any instructions provided. 

Completion of the staffing review process

Regret notifications are sent to applicants who are unsuccessful for a job competition.

An unsuccessful applicant may request feedback. Until the staffing review process is completed, we advise that you do not make any major job changes, such as quitting your current job.

Learn more about staffing reviews under applicant feedback.

Offer confirmation

A confirmation letter will be sent to you when the staffing review process is complete and you've provided your social insurance number and date of birth. It's only at this point that the job offer is finalized and you're ready to start your new job.

The confirmation letter will include instructions on how to complete and submit your onboarding documents.

If you're a new employee, this letter will provide instructions about the following:

  • How to complete the oath of employment
  • How to submit your personal information for initiating the payroll and leave processes
  • Additional information about working for the BC Public Service

Welcome to the BC Public Service

The BC Public Service aspires to be the place Where Ideas Work and that starts with the passion and dedication of the people who make our organization.

Our resources for new employees will provide you with the tools you need to serve all British Columbians.