Application Screening

Screening for Eligibility

Before a hiring manager can review applications, they check that all applicants meet the eligibility requirements. Screening for eligibility determines who's eligible to move forward in the job competition. All applicants must meet the basic eligibility criteria and the job requirements found in the job profile.

Screening for Education & Experience

Hiring managers will screen for education and experience requirements and shortlist applicants. The methods most commonly used are an online self-screening questionnaire and reviewing the application. Applicants are responsible for clearly demonstrating their qualifications in their application and questionnaire, if applicable.

Moving Forward

If you meet the education and experience requirements, you may be asked to demonstrate your knowledge, skills, abilities, competencies and other position-related requirements. This is done by using tests, presentations, role-plays, interviews and past work performance checks. The order and type of selection method will vary depending on the job requirements.

You can ask for more information by contacting the person listed in the job posting.