Providing feedback

Last updated: April 17, 2018

A critical element in the staffing process in the BC Public Service is providing effective applicant feedback to unsuccessful applicants.


As required under the Public Service Act, the individual responsible for an appointment decision must notify all unsuccessful employee applicants of the appointment decision and offer to explain why they weren't offered the position. 

Once BC Public Service employee applicants learn their application was unsuccessful, they have 5 calendar days to initiate a review of staffing decisions.


  • Carefully plan what you're going to say by reviewing Providing Effective Applicant Feedback (PDF, 442KB) and preparing notes
    • Keeping careful, accurate and complete documentation throughout the staffing process will assist you
  • Feedback should be provided immediately and should be offered with the positive intent of helping
  • Take the time to listen to the applicant's concerns and structure your explanation to address their concerns

You should be open and honest, but tactful, and focus on their performance in the staffing process and how they can develop their skills. Establish an environment where both you and the applicant share information that is positive, objective, constructive, realistic and future oriented.

Many times applicants are simply looking for information on why they weren't chosen for the job, where they went wrong in the process and how they can improve. How this feedback is provided can have a significant impact on how an applicant responds.