Recruitment Management System Tips

The Recruitment Management System (RMS) is used to post jobs, manage job competitions and send email notifications to applicants (for example, job offers, regret letters). The system also integrates with the B.C. government human resource system (CHIPS) to complete changes in employee job information, pay and onboarding.

To create a job posting, submit a hiring request with your up-to-date position information and current job profile. Based on the hiring service you requested, someone from the BC Public Service Agency will contact you.

Manage Your Competition Through the RMS

  1. Go to Manage My Hiring Competitions. Your current job postings will be displayed (open or open-internal jobs)
  2. If you wish to view all your previous postings, click on the Requisitions tab
  3. From the drop-down menu, choose Manage Job Reqs

    Job Requisitions
  4. You can also use the search box to search for a specific requisition, position number or job title. If searching by position number, enter the full eight-digit position number (add enough zeroes to the beginning of the number to bring it to eight)
  5. Click on the underlined job title to view the posting
  6. Click on Apps to view the people who have applied for your job
  7. To view resumes, select Applicants or Prospects. If you have clicked on Apps, choose any name to view information about the applicant. Screened-in applicants are manually changed to Prospects if you have requested screening request notifications be sent
  8. To print resumes: From the Applicants menu, put a check mark in the box beside the name of each resume you wish to print. At the bottom of the page select Send a Printable Batch and Submit. This will send you an email with the resume profiles you selected in PDF format

    Print Resumes
  9. To view questionnaire responses: From the Applicant menu, click on the underlined 0 under the Screening Score to view each applicant’s response. You will also receive a summary of questionnaire answers when the competition closes

Screening Score

Change Job Title or Other Position Information

The job title in the RMS is the title entered in CHIPS. To change the job title or other information about the position, submit an AskMyHR service request to Classification Services.


Assign a delegate

Assigned delegates can view all requisitions for a hiring manager. Hiring managers should remove delegates when no longer required. There are two types of delegates in the RMS:

  1. Delegates with approval rights can act on a hiring manager's behalf
  2. Delegates without approval rights have the ability to view recruitment transactions only

Set up a delegate

  • Under the Delegates tab, select Assign Delegates. Fill in the "Search users by" field, then hit Submit Query
  • Highlight the delegate's name and use the double arrows to add them to the Delegate with Approval Rights or Delegates without Approval Rights box
  • To have the system automatically cc: your delegate with system notification emails, select Email notification, then Update Delegate
  • To assign another delegate, repeat the steps above
  • Highlight the delegate's name in the Delegates with Approval Rights or Delegates without Approval Rights box
  • Use the double arrows to delete the delegate
  • Unselect Email notification and select Update Delegate

Closing Report (Summary of Applicants)

When your posting closes, Hiring Services will send you a competition closing report listing all your applicants. If you are using an online questionnaire, the results will also be sent to you.

Approving an Offer

Offer letters for all posted positions are prepared by Hiring Services for your review and approval. To approve the letter, go to Offers, then My Offers. If there is a problem with the offer letter, contact AskMyHR for direction.

Hiring Quick Links

A collection of hiring forms, tools and resources, all in one place.

Other Questions

Consult AskMyHR if you have other questions about the RMS.