Hiring Letter Templates

If the Hiring Centre has assisted with your hiring action, all necessary letters will be created for you. For hiring done without the assistance of the Hiring Centre, please use the appropriate template, then scan and send a completed and signed copy to AskMyHRRestricted Access by submitting a service request using the category Myself (or) My Team or Organization > Submit a Form or Document > Offer Letters. If the person is a new employee, include the SIN and date of birth with the confirmation letter. For existing employees, please include the employee ID number.

Regular Appointments

Lateral Transfers

Auxiliary or Limited Term (Under 31 Days) Appointments

Auxiliary Extension

Auxiliary Layoff Letters

Temporary Appointments (Permanent Employees Only)

Project Employees

Articling Students

Competition Status Letters


Confirmation of Employment & Salary Letter

Secondment Agreement

If you have questions about secondment agreements, please submit an AskMyHRRestricted Access service request by using the category My Team or Organization > Employee & Labour Relations > Interpretation Services.