Define Job Requirements

Ensure you have well-defined selection criteria based on the current needs of the job.

You should have well-defined job requirements for the position you are posting based on the current job duties. Clear job requirements allow applicants to determine if they are suitable candidates. They form the basis for all recruitment and selection activities. Reviewing the requirements now will help later when you are screening and creating assessments and interview questions.

Use a fair and transparent process to assess applicants. Apply the job requirements in the job profile and posting. You will assess past work performance and years of continuous service later in the competition.

Job requirements are:

  • Education
  • Experience
  • Knowledge
  • Skills
  • Abilities
  • Competencies

After you review and update the job requirements, use them to:

  • Screen applicants on the required education and experience
  • Assess those applicants advancing in the competition. Base your assessment on the knowledge, skills, abilities and competencies required to perform the work successfully on day one and those that can be acquired on the job

Update the Job Profile

If you have an existing profile to work with, make sure it's accurate. Follow the writing guidelines. You can update your job profile each time you post the position. Where appropriate, ensure that qualifications realistically reflect how the work may change in the future. If you have made changes to the profile, submit the profile for a classification review.

If you don't have a profile, or are creating a new position, search the Job StoreRestricted Access for an appropriate pre-approved profile. Be sure to refer to the writing guidelines. Add specific information relating to your ministry, branch and the job. You can also start from scratch with the Job Profile Template (DOCX, 401KB). If you have changed a profile, submit it for a classification review.