Leaving the Public Service

Find everything you need to know about resignation, retirement, and bridging service.


Information about planning your retirement. Includes pension, pre-retirement leave, and retirement allowance.


What you need to do once you decide to leave your job.

Bridging Service

How to bridge your service if you're a regular employee resigning to care for a dependent parent, spouse, or child.

Employee Exit Checklist

Take care of these housekeeping items before you leave.


Bargaining Unit Employees

Employment termination is covered under your Collective Agreements.

Excluded Employees

Read about the employment termination for excluded employees under Human Resource Policy 8.

Converting to Individual Benefits Plans

The conversion policy enables excluded and Bargaining Unit employees to convert to individual extended health, dental, and life insurance plans when their group coverage ends.

Knowledge Transfer

Knowledge transfer in the workplace is the process of distributing knowledge that’s been developed in an organization with one or more specific individuals to other parts of the organization or individuals. It's also a crucial facet of succession planning.

Review the Knowledge Transfer section for more information.