Work Arrangements

Not all BC Public Service employees work Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm. Not all of us work in an office. Learn more about flexible work options, field status and shift work.

The BC Public Service recognizes the importance of providing employees with flexibility around when, where and how they work. Like many progressive employers, we're always considering new options for adjusting work locations, work hours and work styles to improve service to clients while keeping employees engaged and supporting a balance of  work and home life.

We're committed to flexible work options wherever the arrangement benefits both the employee and the employer.

If you're considering a work arrangement that would see you working away from the office, be sure to study the Telework Agreement (DOCX, 95KB).

Would your work benefit if you worked from home? Are there times you may not be able to get to the office?

Review more about:

Would a part-time schedule be best for you? A few hours off every two weeks?

Review more about:

You and your supervisor will meet to plan flexible work arrangements and monitor them once they are in place. MyPerformance courses and conversations can help support you.

A telework agreement signed by both of you is crucial for any mobile work. The telework agreement ensures that your alternative workplace is safe, prepared in the case of emergency, and that you are aware of and prepared to safeguard information.