Who to talk to about BC Public Service employee ethics

Last updated: January 10, 2022

As BC Public Service employees, we are all required to abide by the Standards of Conduct and work with integrity in all that we do, across the BC Public Service.

Ethics management framework roles and responsibilities

The BC Public Service has established an ethics framework that outlines responsibilities at all levels in six key areas.

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Who to contact

Employees who have concerns about inappropriate or unethical conduct are encouraged to come forward in addition to our duty to report wrongdoing as outlined in the Standards of Conduct.

If you have a concern or question that you wish to bring forward, there are resources and people in place to help. Ask your supervisor or manager if you have questions about ethics. You may also choose to talk with your organization’s Ethics Advisor.

Your supervisor is most familiar with your job duties, team and the workplace. As such, they are often in the best position to respond to your question or concern. Supervisors have an obligation under the Standards of Conduct to look into any concerns or issues brought to their attention.

If you do not feel that you can speak with your supervisor, you may approach your ministry ethics advisor. Each ministry has an appointed ethics advisor who is available to answer questions or address concerns related to the Standards of Conduct and the Public Interest Disclosure Act.

Ethics advisors are members of your organization’s executive team who have been appointed by the deputy minister to be available to work with employees in response to questions and to help us navigate processes and systems. They are also responsible for being an ethics champion and leader in their organization and BC Public Service more broadly.


Contact your ethics advisor

Ethics advisors provide advice, help navigate and make referrals on issues related to the Standards of Conduct.  They do not conduct investigations, intervene in workplace relationship or behaviour issues, and will not review operational or personnel decisions. 

Ethics advisors are available to any employee, no permission is required, and supervisors do not need to know or attend.

As an employee, you do not need to seek supervisor permission to contact your ethics advisor. Each ethics advisor has a unique and confidential email address where employees can direct their questions or concerns. 


Ethics management framework contact information

If you have a specific concern relating to any of the topic areas listed below, you may wish to contact the relevant agency responsible under the BC Public Service Ethics Management Framework.

Public Service Agency (PSA)

Website: BC Public Service Agency

Useful contacts

For more information, contact the Corporate Ethics Advisory Service

For information about your roles and responsibilities related to ethics, refer to Ethics Management Framework Roles and Responsibilities

Disclosure information

If you have questions about disclosures under the Public Interest Disclosure Act, refer to Making a Public Interest Disclosure for details.



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