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Last updated: December 15, 2021

We all have the right to a respectful workplace

As stated in Where Ideas Work 2020: Corporate Plan for the BC Public Service, “we believe in the value of every individual. Believing anything less is incompatible with the values and responsibilities of the public service.”

This means we all have the right to be respected, and to work in an environment free from racism or any other form of discrimination.

What is a respectful workplace?

Respectful workplaces support the BC Public Service Corporate Values and Government’s commitment to anti-racism and gender equity.

A respectful workplace is one where integrity, fairness, collaboration, professionalism and trust are the norm.

A respectful workplace:   

  • Is inclusive
  • Values diversity
  • Clearly communicates expectations around behaviour
  • Promotes employee health and safety
  • Provides resources and training to resolve disputes
  • Strives for improvement
  • Has open channels of communication

Respectful workplaces are productive, rewarding and enjoyable for everyone. They can also improve employee health, well-being and engagement.

Expectations for BC Public Service employees

The responsibility for building and maintaining a respectful workplace is shared by everyone in the BC Public Service. There are policy statements regarding workplace behaviour and conduct requiring all employees to behave respectfully, collaboratively and in ways consistent with the BC Public Service Corporate Values.

These policy statements include: 

Relevant provisions in public service collective agreements also provide expectations and standards for maintaining respectful workplace behaviour.

Resources for creating a respectful workplace

The BC Public Service Agency provides employees with information, tools, and services to help build and maintain respectful workplaces. 

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Communicate for success 

Speaking with a person directly is often the best way to resolve a conflict. Communicate for success provides tips for having difficult workplace conversations. 

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