Additional Passenger-Directed Vehicles Temporary Operating Permit

Sometimes you may need extra taxis, limousines or other passenger-directed vehicles for a short time.

Remember, you must wait for approval before you operate additional passenger-directed vehicle(s).


Here are some of the cases where you might need extra vehicles:

  • Conferences or special events
  • Transportation of dignitaries
  • Seasonal spike in demand for services
  • Bookings that exceed capacity for a limited period of time

The length of time for a temporary permit depends on how long a permit is needed, up to 92 days.

If you want to expand your fleet on a permanent basis, apply to change your licence.


Describe the reason for the “urgent” and “temporary” need to add vehicles to your fleet. The application form includes space to explain this.

Information that supports the temporary and urgent need for the additional licence may include:

  • Contracts to provide service at a conference or special event
  • Written confirmation of additional bookings for a time limited period
  • Booking information that proves that bookings exceed capacity, for a set time period

Provide information about what type of vehicle(s) you propose using. For example make, model and seating capacity, excluding the driver.

Give information on rates (and any rules about the rates) that you propose to apply to the operation of temporary additional vehicle(s), if these will be different from approved rates.

Licensees can only use a temporary operating permit (TOP) for one unique passenger transportation (PT) licence; TOPs cannot be shared across multiple PT licences.

Vehicle Documentation

Before a temporary operating permit can be issued we’ll contact you to request the required vehicle documents.

If you have already purchased, leased or rented vehicle(s)—include the following for each vehicle and submit to the Registrar of Passenger Transportation:


Duration Fee
1-14 days $25 / vehicle
15-30 days $50 / vehicle
31-60 days $75 / vehicle
61-92 days (maximum) $100 / vehicle