Festive Season Additional Taxis Temporary Operating Permit

A festive season additional temporary operating permit allows a taxi operator to use extra taxis between December and New Year’s Day, also known as the festive season. The extra taxis may be operated for up to 60 days between November 15 - January 15.

You must wait for approval before you operate extra taxis during the festive season.

An applicant’s terms and conditions of licence (excluding peak period taxi services) and applicable rates apply to the operation of vehicles operating under an approved permit.


You are eligible to apply if:

  • You are a licensee whose licence includes special authorization for taxis, and
  • You need additional taxis between November 15 - January 15


Since December and New Years' is typically the busiest season of the year for taxis, applicants are not required to provide evidence of an “urgent" and “temporary” need for more taxis.

Even though the process is streamlined for festive season permits, we may ask for more information. Additionally, applications may be dismissed or refused if they do not meet requirements.

Maximum Number of Vehicles

A temporary taxi fleet increase can be up to 10% of the fleet (based on conventional rounding), or 1 vehicle, whichever is greater. This works out to:

Maximum Number of
Additional Vehicles
1 - 14 1
15 - 24 2
25+ 3

Vehicle Documentation

Before a temporary operating permit can be issued we’ll contact you to request the required vehicle documents.

If you have already purchased, leased or rented vehicle(s) include the following for each vehicle:


Duration Fee
1-14 days $25 / vehicle
15-30 days $50 / vehicle
31-60 days $75 / vehicle