Peak Season Additional Limousines Temporary Operating Permit

A peak season additional limousine temporary operating permit allows a limousine operator to use extra limousines at various times throughout the year when there are seasonal peaks in demand such as during the festive, grad, ski or summer season. 

Terms and Conditions

You must wait for approval before you operate extra limousines during the peak season.  

The terms and conditions, originating area and applicable rates will be the same for the peak season permit as those on the applicant's licence. 

Vehicle capacity and type may be different on a peak season permit than on the licence, however the Passenger Transportation Board may limit the approval of sedan limousines at any time.

Note: Municipalities and other agencies or organizations may have additional requirements with which limousine companies must comply. 


Number of Peak Season Permits

In any calendar year, a licensee may apply for a maximum of one of the following:

  • three: 30-day permits
  • one: 60-day permit + one: 30-day permit
  • one: 92-day permit

Time Frame

The calendar year starts on January 1st. Permits that cover December may finish on any day up to January 7th of the following year.

In any calendar year, the latest date to start a peak season permit is

  • December 9th for a 30 day permit
  • November 9th for a 60 day permit
  • October 8th for a 92 day permit

Maximum Number of Vehicles

The maximum number of vehicles permitted is as follows:

Maximum Number of
Additional Vehicles
1 - 10 1
11 - 23 2
24+ 3


You are eligible to apply if:

  • You are a licensee whose licence includes special authorization for limousines, and must charge hourly rates
  • You need additional limousines during peak periods (for example, festive, grad, ski or summer season)


Peak season limits are established based on an applicant's fleet size and duration of the temporary permit. For this reason, applicants are not required to provide evidence of an “urgent" and “temporary” need for more limousines. You must indicate the maximum number of vehicles you are requesting when you submit your application.

Even though the process is streamlined for peak season permits, we may ask for more information. Additionally, applications may be dismissed or refused if they do not meet requirements.

If you want to temporarily increase your fleet outside the peak season limits, you must use the Additional Passenger-Directed Vehicles Temporary Operating Permit process and provide evidence of "temporary and urgent need".

Vehicle Documentation

Before a temporary operating permit can be issued we’ll contact you to request the required vehicle documents.

If you have already purchased, leased or rented vehicle(s) include the following for each vehicle:


The application fee is required at the time of application and is non-refundable.

Duration Fee
1-30 days $50 / vehicle
31-60 days $75 / vehicle
61-92 days (maximum) $100 / vehicle