Extra-Provincial Originating Outside B.C. Temporary Operating Permit

An extra-provincial temporary operating permit (EPTOP) allows a commercial operator from outside British Columbia to transport passengers into British Columbia.

You must have a permit before you operate vehicle(s) for an extra-provincial undertaking originating outside of B.C.


You are eligible to apply for this temporary operating permit if you don't hold a B.C. passenger transportation licence, and you hold:

  • A licence, issued by your home jurisdiction, with authority to operate beyond the boundaries of your home jurisdiction, and
  • A valid safety certificate with a satisfactory rating, issued by your home jurisdiction

Your trip into B.C. must be either one of the following:

  • You will transport passengers from any provincial boundary to any provincial boundary for a single round-trip (maximum seven days). The same permittee and vehicle must transport the same group of people out of B.C. on the same trip, or
  • You will transport passengers into the province and leave them in B.C. on a single one-way trip (maximum seven days). The same permittee and vehicle must leave the province empty—pick up of new passengers in B.C. is not allowed.

Back-to-back temporary operating permits on the same trip are not allowed.

If your trip will begin in B.C., or if your trips into B.C. will be frequent and / or over seven days in duration, get annual licensing.

Apply by Phone

Before entering B.C., contact the Provincial Permit Centre (PPC).

Be prepared to provide verbal confirmation of the following information:

  • Valid safety certificate and extra-provincial or interstate operating authority in your base jurisdiction
  • Vehicle mechanical inspection report verifying the vehicle has been inspected and passed by an approved inspection facility
  • Your point of entry into British Columbia
  • *B.C. insurance filing number
  • *Proof of vehicle registration with the International Registration Plan (IRP)

*If you do not have B.C. insurance or your vehicle is not registered with the IRP, the Provincial Permit Centre will issue you a non-resident single commercial vehicle permit (NRSCV) or a non-resident quarterly commercial vehicle permit (NRQCV) for a fee. 

Apply by Hand (Email, Fax, Mail)

You must wait for approval before you operate vehicle(s) for an extra-provincial undertaking originating outside of British Columbia. 

Before entering B.C. your application must be approved. It takes minimum one business day to issue the temporary operating permit once all safety requirements have been met.

Vehicle Documentation

Complete the Commercial Vehicle Safety Compliance Declaration (PTR5005B) included in the application package for vehicles with a seating capacity that exceed a driver and 11 passengers.


The fee is $25 / vehicle for a maximum of seven days.