Highway Use Permit - Fencing, Gates & Cattle Guards

Fencing, gates and cattleguards help keep livestock and wildlife off of highways and prevent accidents. Property owners must apply for a highway use permit to install these types of barriers on or along a provincial highway.


Fence maintenance is the responsibility of the property owner. Usually fences are placed on the property line unless special circumstances require that the fence be placed within the highway right-of-way. Fencing along provincially owned highways must not interfere with sight lines for motorists.


Gates are generally not permitted to be placed across provincially owned highways except for range management purposes on rural roads. Gates must be installed so that there is at least nine meters between the edge of pavement and the arc of the gate, if the gate opens outwards. Locked gates are not permitted.

Property owners must pay the cost of gate construction and maintenance.

Cattle Guards

Cattle guards allow vehicles and the travelling public to cross a road while restricting the passage of range cattle. Typically, a guard consists of a series of bars or pipes installed flush with the road surface and placed onto a supporting framework.

Property owners must pay for all the costs associated with the supply and installation of the cattleguard, which is to be in accordance with Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure specifications. Once the installation is approved the cattleguard becomes a provincial asset.


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