Traffic management for work on roadways

Policies, specifications, standards and guidelines to be followed in the development of traffic control systems for the highway system in British Columbia for the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure.

Core Documents

Current standards for traffic control in British Columbia.

The 2020 Traffic Management Manual for Work on Roadways (TMM) is an update to the 2015 Interim Traffic Management Manual for Work on Roadways and accounts for edits, comments, and feedback received during the four-year phase in period. The 2020 TMM remains mostly unchanged where the focus of the update was to address:

  1. Errors and inconsistencies,
  2. Revisions to bring about further clarification, and
  3. Additional options and guidance

The 2020 TMM outlines fundamental principles and guidelines for traffic management and traffic control with the goal of protection of workers and the safe and efficient movement of road users through a work zone.

Effective January 2020, the 2020 TMM is to be used for all work on Ministry roadways unless otherwise stated.