Apply for the home owner grant

If you qualify for the home owner grant, you must apply each year to receive it. You must apply every year because the previous year’s information may be out of date if your circumstances have changed. This may affect your qualifications for the grant.

Building and land owners: If you're claiming a home owner grant on behalf of eligible occupants living in your building or on your property, learn how to apply for the multiple home owner grant

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What’s changed in 2021

Starting in 2021, residents in municipalities no longer apply for the home owner grant through their municipal office. Everyone now applies directly to the province using a new online system that’s easy to use and will process applications faster.

When you apply, we'll need your social insurance number to verify your eligibility.

Get ready to apply

The best time to apply is after you receive your property tax notice in the mail and before your property tax due date.

  1. Wait to receive your property tax notice in the mail. This usually happens around May.
  2. Keep your property tax notice on hand. It has important numbers you’ll need to apply.
  3. Apply online. Your information will be safe and secure when you apply online. It only takes a few minutes and is faster than calling.
  4. If you’re unable to apply online, call us at 1-888-355-2700 for assistance.

Updating your address
The information you provide on your home owner grant application is not shared with your municipality or BC Assessment. If your address or contact information have recently changed, you must advise your municipality and BC Assessment separately. 

Who can apply

Only one qualifying owner can claim a grant for a property each year.

The grant amount may be higher for a homeowner who qualifies as a senior, veteran or person with a disability. The homeowner who meets these qualifications must be the one who applies in order to receive the higher grant amount for that residence.

Anyone with your permission can apply on your behalf. However, if you pay your property taxes through your financial institution, your financial institution will not apply for the home owner grant on your behalf.

Separated spouses

If you and your spouse are separated and living apart, you may be able to claim the home owner grant for each of your principal residences. You must have either a written agreement signed by both you and your spouse stating that you have agreed to live apart or a court order recognizing your separation.

Deceased owner

You can apply for the home owner grant for a property that is still registered in the name of a deceased owner, that owner’s estate, or the spouse or relative , if you meet the following requirements:

  • You’re the spouse, child, grandchild, parent, brother or sister of the deceased owner
  • You’re a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada
  • The deceased owner would have qualified for the home owner grant
  • You occupied the residence as your principal residence on the date of the owner’s death
  • The property is still your principal residence

If the owner’s death occurred in the current year, you’ll receive the amount they would have been entitled to. If the owner would have qualified for an additional grant, you'll be entitled to the extra grant amount regardless of your status.

If the owner’s death occurred in a previous year, you’ll receive the amount you qualify for.

When to apply

Apply for the home owner grant when you receive your property tax notice.

You can submit your application early, but your application will not be processed until after tax notices are mailed. You can always check the status of your application online using your confirmation number.

Late payment penalties may apply to your property taxes if your grant application is not received before the due date. The grant is a form of payment towards your property taxes and it is considered a late payment if you apply late.

However, you can still apply for the home owner grant until December 31 of the current tax year. You can apply even if you haven’t paid your property taxes.

If you qualified for the grant last year and didn’t apply, you may be able to claim the grant retroactively for up to one year.

How to apply

The fastest and easiest way to apply for your home owner grant is online. You can also apply by phone.

If you don't have a computer or access to the internet, you can visit a Service BC location near you to use a computer terminal. Terminals are not available at Service BC locations in Burnaby, Surrey and Vancouver.

Anyone with your permission can apply on your behalf. 

Apply online

To get started, you’ll need the jurisdiction and roll number for the property you are applying for. These numbers can be found on your tax notice or by searching on BC Assessment.

Apply now

You may be required to submit additional documentation to support your application. Learn more about which documents may be required

Submit documents online

After you apply, you can check your status online using your confirmation number.

Check your application status

Apply by phone

You can apply by phone with the help of our agents.

Dial 1-888-355-2700

Call us Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, excluding statutory holidays.