Change your home owner grant application

If you need to make a change to your home owner grant application after you’ve applied, you must fill out the online application again, or contact us depending on the type of change needed. 

You can quickly change your home owner grant application online if you need to change the grant type or the owner listed as the applicant. For example:

If you applied for the additional grant but later realized you’re only entitled to the regular grant you’ll need to contact us at 1-888-355-2700

For all other changes, including updating your mailing address or contact details, call us at 1-888-355-2700.

Updating your address with BC Assessment
The information you provide on your home owner grant application is not shared with your municipality or BC Assessment. 

If your address or contact information have recently changed, you must advise us, your municipality (if you don’t live in a rural area) and BC Assessment separately. 

Changing your grant type or the owner listed on the application

To change your grant type or the owner listed on the application, go through the regular online application process again. The system will recognize you have already submitted an application for your property and will prompt you to indicate the requested change at Step 5.

Open the home owner grant online application and follow these steps:

  1. Getting Started: Click Next
  2. Property Search: Enter your jurisdiction and roll number
  3. Verify Address: Confirm your address is correct
  4. Application Type: Choose the year you need to change, and confirm who you are applying as

If an application has already been submitted for the address and year selected, you’ll see Step 5: Change or Amend an Application. There are two options:

  • Wrong grant type applied for. Use this option to change your home owner grant application if you’re eligible for an additional grant instead of the regular grant. For example, you previously applied for the regular grant but recently learned you qualify for the additional grant for persons with disability. 
  • Wrong owner applied. Use this option to cancel the previously approved home owner grant application and apply as a different eligible owner. For example, you applied for the regular grant but recently learned that your senior spouse should have applied to receive the additional grant instead. Your senior spouse can use this option to cancel your grant application and claim the additional grant.

Note: If your application is cancelled because another registered owner qualifies for an additional grant, you may not apply for a grant on another property for that tax year.

Complete the rest of the application and submit. You’ll receive a new confirmation number. Keep this for your records.

When your application is approved, your municipality, or the Surveyor of Taxes if you live in a rural area, will be notified of the updated grant amount. If you have questions about refunds, contact your municipality or contact us if you live in a rural area