Early Resolution Process

On May 17, 2021, the new Provincial Court Family Rules and forms were implemented.

Surrey and Victoria are the only court locations using early resolution (designated as Early Resolution Registries). Other locations may be designated in the future.

The early resolution process applies to issues under the Family Law Act. It introduces early resolution requirements for family law matters in provincial court in the Surrey and Victoria registries.

Family law matters are defined as:

  • Parenting arrangements (parenting time and parenting responsibilities)
  • Child support
  • Contact with a child
  • Guardianship of a child, and
  • Spousal support

The early resolution requirements which must be met before filing an application about a family law matter are:

  • Individual needs assessment meeting with a Family Justice Counsellor
  • Parenting After Separation online course, if applicable
  • Consensual dispute resolution session, if appropriate

The early resolution process is followed by a Family Management Conference as the first court appearance. This helps with further dispute resolution and to ensure parties are prepared if they need to go to trial.

The process aims to build knowledge, support problem solving and help parties prepare for next steps.

For more information contact the Surrey or Victoria Justice Access Centre and if possible, also talk to a lawyer, who can help you understand the best process for a particular dispute.

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