Who are the Parenting After Separation Courses for?

Last updated on January 30, 2023

Anyone who is going through the process of co-parenting, separation or divorce will benefit from completing Parenting After Separation or Parenting After Separation for Indigenous Families. You are experiencing a major change in your life. Getting more information can help.

As of January 4, 2022 you must complete one of the Parenting After Separation courses before you can go to the provincial court to get or change an order about a family law matter. Parenting After Separation or Parenting After Separation for Indigenous Families are both acceptable. If you think you may have problems completing the course see Do I have to take the Parenting After Separation course? for more information.

If you and your spouse agree without going to court, you do not have to complete a Parenting After Separation course but you are welcome to do so.

Certificate of Completion

Once you have completed Parenting After Separation, you’ll receive a Certificate of Completion. (Be sure to register for the course to receive your certificate.)

If you are going to the Provincial Court, you have to complete a PAS course unless you have an official exemption. For information about when PAS is applicable and the exemptions, see Do I have to take Parenting After Separation?

If you are going to Supreme Court, the judge may suggest you complete a Parenting After Separation course, but it is not mandatory

Note: Parents may go to either the Provincial Court or the Supreme Court for an order. To determine which court you should go to, we recommend you talk to a lawyer. A family justice counsellor can also provide you with information about your options. You can find out more about the responsibilities of each court in Going to Court.

If you are going to supreme court, the judge may suggest you complete a Parenting After Separation course but it isn’t mandatory

Parenting After Separation courses are free.

International Child Abduction

British Columbia has a central authority that assists left-behind parents whose children have been abducted across international borders.