Trauma Information for Trafficked Persons

The Chrysalis Network launched a national hotline in 2010 to provide trauma and crisis support to people in Canada who have been trafficked internationally or domestically, for sexual exploitation or forced labour. Their toll-free hotline, which is operated by the Psychologists' Association of Alberta, is 1-866-528-7109.

Heather Clawson, Amy Saloman, and Lisa Goldblatt Grace created Treating the Hidden Wounds: Trauma Treatment and Mental Health Recovery for Victims of Human Trafficking with an emphasis on trauma resulting from sex trafficking of women and girls.

Here to Help’s Vicarious Trauma is a project of the B.C. Partners for Mental Health.

Health Canada’s Vicarious Trauma: Guidebook on Vicarious Trauma: Recommended Solutions for Anti-Violence Workers recognizes the unique experience of anti-violence workers in Canada and promotes individual, professional and organizational solutions to support them.

Headington Institute: Care for Caregivers Worldwide created several Self-Assessment Tools with questionnaires regarding stress, burnout, trauma and coping.

Peel Committee Against Woman Abuse developed Creating A Safety Plan, written specifically for women leaving abusive relationships, and provides information for anyone fleeing an abusive or unsafe situation.

The Trauma Centre's Project Reach provides consultation and brief mental health services to trafficking victims throughout the United States. They can be contacted for more information on their programs and resources.


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