RCMP Resources on Human Trafficking

The RCMP’s Human Trafficking National Coordination Centre (HTNCC) (Centre national de coordination contre la traite de personnes) provides information and resources about human trafficking in Canada.

The RCMP Human Trafficking National Coordination Centre launched a public awareness campaign called I'm Not for Sale (Je ne suis pas à vendre). The campaign is targeted towards the public as well as potential victims. It includes a training video, police officer handbook, pamphlet, victim assistance guidelines, fact sheets and information on how to report suspected cases of trafficking.

Project Seclusion: Human Trafficking in Canada (PDF) (Traite de personnes au Canada) was prepared by the RCMP in an effort to identify the extent of organized crime involvement, in human trafficking in Canada, as well as issues and challenges faced by law enforcement in investigating cases of human trafficking.

The RCMP is an active member of the Virtual Global Taskforce, a multi-national law enforcement body that works to identify, locate, and rescue victims. The VGT also aims to divert those individuals who attempt to use the Internet to abuse and exploit children.

The RCMP website has a FAQ (Foire aux questions sur la traite de personnes) section on human trafficking as well as additional Publications and Resources that can help assist victims or frontline service workers.


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