Public Awareness Campaigns on Human Trafficking

Blue Blindfold Campaign in Ireland.

Look Beneath the Surface in the United States.

Blue Heart Campaign (La campagne Cœur Bleu) launched by the UN’s Office on Drugs and Crime (UNDOC).

Open Your Eyes to Human Trafficking produced by the UNGIFT.

Here, You Have Rights (Ici, vous avez des droits) poster in Canada by the RCMP.

The Stop the Traffik Campaign is a global movement of individuals, communities, and organizations that work to prevent human trafficking worldwide through a wide variety of initiatives and awareness-raising projects.

The TruckSTOP Campaign (La campagne TruckSTOP) provides frequent travelers and truck drivers with the knowledge they need to identify suspected cases of human trafficking while informing local law enforcement.

The Girls in Red Light District video highlights the reality of false promises made to women of a dance career in Western Europe as part of the Stop the Traffik global campaign.

The Government of Canada’s Don’t Become a Victim of the Illegal Trade in Canada brochure campaign offers citizens and immigrants tips and resources to avoid becoming a victim of human trafficking in Canada.


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