Sexual Exploitation of Children and Youth

Marlene Dalley, National Missing Children Services Research Officer, and the RCMP developed the Hidden Abuse – Hidden Crime. The Domestic Trafficking of Children and Youth in Canada: The Relationship to Sexual Exploitation, Running Away and Children at Risk of Harm which explores the vulnerabilities of children to trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation.

ECPAT’s Combating the Trafficking in Children for Sexual Purposes Training Guide educates multi-stake holder groups consisting of law enforcement personnel, social workers and caregivers about the issue of child trafficking and how to protect children from trafficking for sexual exploitation.

The Department of Justice’s website page titled Age of Consent to Sexual Activity (L’âge de consentement aux activités sexuelles) provides information on Canada’s laws against the sexual exploitation and abuse of children.

The Child Welfare League of Canada (CWLC) website provides resources and initiatives that promote the protection and wellbeing of vulnerable children, youth, and their families through best practice in the field of child welfare, child rights, mental health and youth justice.


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