Christmas Tree Permits

Members of the public who wish to cut a Christmas Tree on Crown land for personal use must have a "Free Use Permit for a Christmas Tree" from each Natural Resource District where they intend to cut, signed by the appropriate District Manager or designate.

There is no charge for the permit, however permitees must:

  • Carry the permit at all times
  • Read and understand the conditions of the permit prior to signing
  • Produce the permit at the request of a Natural Resource Officer, Conservation Officer or Peace Officer

Please be aware that some areas of the province may not have Christmas trees available for harvest. In addition, you cannot cut a Christmas tree from, private lands, plantations, research areas, parks, areas adjacent to rivers, streams, lakes or swamps, juvenile-spaced areas and any other areas reserved for a special use.

Each district is operated differently so please contact the individual districts where you plan on cutting for more information, and remember to carry your permit with you at all times.

Permits Listed by District

To determine which district you are interested in a permit from, refer to the district/region map.