Firewood permits

Members of the public who wish to cut firewood on Crown land for personal use must have a "Free Use Permit for Firewood" from each Natural Resource District where they intend to cut, issued by the appropriate District Manager or designate.

Only dead or downed trees may be cut for firewood

There is no charge for this privilege, only a commitment to abide by a number of simple rules that are outlined in the permit. Each permittee must:

  • Carry the permit and associated maps at all times
  • Read and understand the conditions of the permit prior to signing, conditions differ between districts
  • Produce the permit at the request of a Natural Resource Officer, Conservation Officer or Peace Officer

Cutting firewood on Crown land without this permit may result in confiscation of the wood and charges. It is up to the permit holder to determine whether they are cutting on "vacant Crown land" and not private land or First Nations reserves. 

Moving firewood can spread invasive species and diseases. B.C.'s forests are threatened by non-native insects that can damage trees. Moving firewood from one area to another increases the risk of spreading disease, funghi and pests. Plan to burn firewood in the area where you collect it or buy it. Learn more about stopping the spread of invasive species and diseases.

Each district is operated differently so please contact the individual districts where you plan on cutting for more information, and remember to carry your permit with you at all times. 

Any firewood cut under this permit is for personal use only and cannot be sold. For information on commercial firewood cutting permits, please contact your local Ministry office and inquire about the Small Scale Salvage program.

Permits listed by region 

To determine which district you are interested in a permit from, refer to the district/region map (PNG 30.7 MB) (Note: this map is not a firewood boundary map, see list below for district boundary maps).

Fort Nelson (No online permit)

  • no online permit at this time

Peace permit (PDF, 3.6MB)

Chilliwack permit information

Sea to Sky permit (online form)

Sunshine Coast permit information