Approve/Delete/Cancel a Seedling Request (module 3, pg 3)

This page helps you understand how to approve or remove a seedling request.

Approving A Seedling Request

To approve a PND (Pending) seedling request so that it may be processed you will use the Seedling Request Approval screen.

How To Begin Your Approval

Click on the Requests tab and select Seedling Request Approval.

Seedling Request Approval dropdown

Step-By-Step Instructions

View the Seedling Request Approval screen.

In this example, information about the request has already been entered so the No/Yes drop down authorization field displays in the bottom left corner.

  1. Enter information related to your request so SPAR can display the correct records.
  2. Press Go.
  3. Review the results displayed at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Use the down arrow in the Approved column to change the status to Yes.
  5. Press Save.
  6. Confirm the "Save successful" message is displayed at the top of the screen and the seedling request has been removed from the list at the bottom.

TIP: If you just type information into Request Org Unit (ministry users) or Request Agency (non-ministry users) you will receive all of the pending records for your agency. SPAR will use your UserID to identify you and will automatically default the Request Agency field to the correct client code for non-ministry users. For ministry users, you will only be able to approve requests for your org unit.

Delete/Cancel A Seedling Request

If you need to delete or cancel a seedling request you can do this by entering the Request Key on the Seedling Request screen and choosing the appropriate option. When you cancel or delete a seedling request the committed quantity amounts are adjusted appropriately.

Delete Request If a seedling request is INC (Incomplete) or PND (Pending) you can use the Delete Request feature.
Cancel Request If the status is APP (Approved) you can use the Cancel Request feature. If the status is ACT (Action) only authorized ministry personnel can change the status.