Road Permit - Forestry

A road permit is needed to construct, use and maintain a forest road if the access is not a forest service road or under another tenure.

If necessary, the road permit may include cutting authority for the timber within the road right of way. A road permit authorizing construction can only be applied for after Forest Range and Practices Act (FRPA) planning requirements have been met.

If the road is an existing non-status road (an older, abandoned road with no active tenure), a road permit is required for industrial use and maintenance.

The road permit document has provisions that:

  • Define the legal area of interest (the permit area described on the Exhibit A map)
  • Define the rights granted (including, if necessary, the harvest of timber within clearing area)
  • Set the term (beginning date and criteria for termination)
  • Establish that permit rights are non-exclusive, (other than timber authorized for harvesting within the clearing area)
  • Link any timber harvesting under the permit with the cut control specifications and waste assessment requirements of specific agreements
  • Identify the timber mark(s) for any timber harvested from the clearing area

A road permit that includes cutting authority is always associated with at least one agreement for cut control purposes, but technically is considered a stand-alone agreement under the Forest Act.

A road permit provides ongoing, non-exclusive authority for industrial use. The public and other industrial users can use a road that is under road permit. Other industrial users are required by legislation to give the road permit holder notice of use and to pay the road permit holder a reasonable cost for maintenance.