First Nations Woodland Licence

Last updated on October 5, 2022

First Nations woodland licences are an area-based, long term forest tenure unique to First Nations.

First Nations woodland licences recognize First Nations' asserted land and resource interests, including the protection of traditional-use practices and the harvest and management of non-timber forest products.

This long-term and area-based tenure allows First Nations to:

  • Have an increased role in forest stewardship
  • Protect traditional uses
  • Manage forest and land use in the area
  • Improve their ability to secure investment and loans

First Nations may be eligible to sign a First Nations woodland licence if:

  • The First Nation signs a forest tenure opportunity agreement,
  • There is a source of replaceable allowable annual cut,
  • There is an available operating area, and
  • The licence is approved through a mandate signed by the minister responsible for forests.

First Nations Woodland Licence Documents

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