Resource Road Engineering Publications & Permits

Technical personnel who carry out operations on natural resource roads should have knowledge of the various road construction and usage standards that apply in British Columbia. Manuals, permits and other important publications are provided here.

Engineering Manual

The following engineering manual provides information related to the administration, design, construction, maintenance and deactivation of roads and bridges funded by the B.C. government.

Within the manual, professional engineers and the general public will find:

  • Mandatory procedures
  • Business and technical best practices
  • Policy direction and due diligence
  • Safety protocols

This engineering manual is regularly reviewed and continually improved as policies and practices evolve.

Road Permit Transition

The Forestry Revitalization Act reduced harvesting rights of the major licensees in timber supply areas and tree farm licences. When a licencee is exiting an area, timber reallocation makes the majority of roads under that licensee's road permits surplus. Guidelines have been provided for planning and implementing road permit transition in timber reallocation areas.

Recommended business processes should be followed in the Forest Tenure Administration (FTA) system for:

  • Converting a road permit section to an Forest Service Road branch
  • Retiring a road permit section
  • Transferring road permit section obligations to another industrial user

Flowcharts show the administrative procedure in the FTA system for terminating or amending road permits under timber allocation:

Right-of-Way Access

While most Forest Service Roads (FSR) do not impact private land, there are situations where a road must cross private property. When this occurs, the B.C. Government establishes a FSR right-of-way. A right-of-way is a strip of land on which a FSR exists or will be constructed to provide access for approved logging operations.

Clean energy projects, including independent power producer (IPP) projects, may be proposed within or adjacent to an existing forest road right-of-way.


Cattleguards are barriers used to prevent domestic animals and some wildlife from passing along roads, while allowing the passage of vehicles and pedestrians. Cattleguards on B.C.'s natural resource roads are typically made of steel.​

Forest Service Road Closure Gates

The ministry’s standard road closure gate drawings are new.   Feedback on the fabrication, installation, and performance aspects of the gates can be submitted to the following generic email address for the ministry’s consideration:  


FPInnovations is a not-for-profit organization that specializes in the creation of scientific solutions in support of the Canadian forest sector’s global competitiveness. Their reviews and recommendations for B.C. resource roads: