Fibre Forestry Licence to Cut

A fibre forestry licence to cut is a licence issued under the Forest Act. It's generally used for small areas and provides short-term access to road and landing waste (residual fibre) not used by the individual or company that conducted the original harvesting.

The fibre supply licence to cut is a longer-term licence (maximum 10 years) and covers a larger area.

Once harvesting is completed on a specific timber block, the primary harvester is required to provide notice whether or not the waste remaining on the block will be used. If not, the rights to the fibre may be issued as fibre supply licence to cut or a fibre forestry licence to cut.

A fibre forestry licence to cut is: 

  • Generally used for small, short-term “one-off” operations limited to small areas such as a few cutblocks
  • Usually a five-year term however, it will likely be less than one year
  • Either direct-awarded or competitively awarded
  • Used where a quick turn-around is needed
  • Used to deal with short-term situations