Fee in Lieu of Manufacture

All export fees are to be paid to the government for timber exported under an exemption and are non-refundable. Note that no fee is due for timber/logs with a Canadian destination and fee rates for blanket Order in Council (OIC) exemptions are specific to each exemption.

Fees for the Interior Zone and all Deciduous Timber

For all deciduous timber and timber under Ministerial exemption in the interior zones (all areas in the Province outside the coastal zone) the fee in lieu of manufacture remains at the minimum base rate of $1.00/m3 for all species and grades.

Fees for the Coastal Zone

For timber under Ministerial exemption in the coastal zone the fee in lieu of manufacture is calculated individually by species and grade, and is based on domestic log values.

For coastal BCTS Timber Sale Licences (TSLs) advertised on or after July 1, 2019, a new variable fee-in-lieu (FiL) policy came into effect, based on the appraised Estimated Winning Bid (EWB) of the TSL. The FiL percentage will be identified in the Safety and Highlights report for each TSL and will be in effect for the duration of the TSL. Note the FiL policy was revised on December 15, 2019.

Full coast wide implementation of the variable fee-in-lieu has been postponed to December 2020 to align with an expected Coast MPS update.

Effective March 1, 2013, the coast domestic log values (except for blanket exemptions by OIC) are combined old and second growth log prices that create one blended, volume-weighted average price, by species, by grade, for the latest 3-month data available at the beginning of each month.

Also in March 2013, a multiplication factor was applied to the fee in lieu rates on logs from Coast tenures, except those exported under a blanket exemption by Order in Council.  The multiplication factor is updated quarterly, based on the average export value and average domestic value for the latest 3-month data available at the beginning of the quarter.

The domestic log values shown represent the weighted average of reported old growth and second growth domestic selling prices for coastal logs for a 3 month period. Since March 2013, domestic log value tables are updated and posted monthly.