Greenhouse vegetables

Last updated on March 12, 2021

Greenhouse vegetable crops produced in British Columbia include cucumbers, eggplant, lettuce, peppers and tomatoes. Production is regulated, and producers must apply to the B.C. Vegetable Marketing Commission for an allocation to produce greenhouse vegetables.

The greenhouse vegetable industry is cost-intensive, relying on state-of-the-art facilities and production practices to produce high-quality fresh vegetables.


This section provides information to assist individuals interested in starting a greenhouse operation and established growers looking for answers to plant health issues.

An overview of the greenhouse industry in B.C., discussing challenges to competitiveness and growth, and actions that government and industry can take to overcome the issues and grow the sector.

Information on the importance of doing a complete irrigation water quality analysis, and options to correct problems related to nutrient imbalances or high alkalinity.

Information on the management of specific pests that damage greenhouse vegetable crops.

Food safety

Learn more about food safety, including good agricultural practices, on-farm programs, and risk assessment.

A national program designed to help producers of fruits and vegetables to maintain effective food safety procedures.

New entrants

A starting point to help greenhouse managers prepare a formal business plan for their operation.

Whether you're starting a new farm or seeking to improve your existing operation, the B.C. Government has resources for implementing best practices for business growth.

Greenhouse Checklist: Essential Considerations - This checklist consists of a series of self-assessment questions, with related information and tips covering key considerations when planning to purchase, build, and ultimately operate a small to medium-sized greenhouse. 


The production of greenhouse-grown tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers are regulated in B.C. through the Natural Products Marketing Act and Regulations.

Greenhouse vegetables are a regulated market in British Columbia. For questions about regulated markets, please contact

Application for allocation production

Producers must apply for an allocation to produce greenhouse vegetables. Apply here:

Importation and domestic movement

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has a mandate to ensure a safe food supply for everyone in Canada.  Directives have been developed that restrict the importation and domestic movement of specific greenhouse vegetable crops to prevent the introduction and spread of regulated pests. Other local, provincial and federal legislation and regulations apply.  Read more:


Funding opportunities

Programs are available to support the agriculture and agrifood industry: