Greenhouse floriculture

Floriculture growers cultivate a wide range of potted foliage and flowering plants, cut flowers, and annual bedding plants. The floriculture sector requires a great deal of technology and capital, and is highly competitive.

The B.C. floriculture sector accounts for 25% of national farm gate sales in floriculture, ranking second to Ontario.


Growers of floriculture crops must produce top quality plants to be competitive.  The production information provided is intended to assist growers to solve production problems and improve crop quality.

Growing greenhouse floriculture crops, with an emphasis on sustainable pest management:

Crop selection, production and harvesting of field-grown cut flowers:

The importance of performing a complete irrigation water quality analysis, and options to correct problems related to nutrient imbalances or high alkalinity:

A description of how to use routine testing of salts and pH in the growing media to prevent costly nutritional problems in container-grown crops:

A description of the impact of the drainage and aeration of growing media on the health and vigor of container-grown plants.

Information on the dynamics of atmospheric water vapour and how it can impact the health and vigour of a greenhouse crop:

Information on the management of specific pests that damage greenhouse flowers:

New entrants

If you are new to the sector, you may have questions about how to get started.  Learn more:

Advice for establishing a successful nursery.

A starting point to help nursery managers prepare a formal business plan for their operation.

Whether you're starting a new farm or seeking to improve your existing operation, the B.C. Government has resources for implementing best practices for business growth.

Greenhouse Checklist: Essential Considerations - This checklist consists of a series of self-assessment questions, with related information and tips covering key considerations when planning to purchase, build, and ultimately operate a small to medium-sized greenhouse. 


Greenhouse certification program

For export of greenhouse-grown plants to the United States, the D-96-12 Greenhouse Certification Program allows approved facilities to export to the U.S. with an export certification label. Greenhouses on the program do not require the Canadian Food Inspection officers to inspect plants before export.  Learn more about the program:

Importation and domestic movement

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has a mandate to ensure a safe food supply for everyone in Canada.  Directives have been developed that restrict the importation and domestic movement of specific greenhouse vegetable crops to prevent the introduction and spread of regulated pests. Read more:

Other local, provincial and federal legislation and regulations apply.