Tree fruits

The tree fruit industry in B.C. has about 400 commercial growers who farm approximately 15,000 acres of apples, pears, cherries, peaches, nectarines, apricots and plums.

Ministry program / project updates

Tree Fruit Stabilization Project 

November 12, 2021 - The stabilization project, led by the ministry in consultation with an External Advisory Committee made up of key stakeholders, was launched in February 2021. The recommendations in the stabilization plan were built from the extensive feedback received during 30 consultation sessions from more than 165 individuals representing all aspects of the industry, including producers, packers, marketers, retailers, researchers, and government.

The ministry invites producers, packers, industry associations and others associated with B.C.’s tree fruit and grape industries to review the 19 recommendations set out in The Path Forward: A blueprint for B.C.’s tree fruit industry and provide feedback on how we transition from Phase 3: Plan Development into Phase 4: Implementation. Please follow this link to the online form HEREThe survey will be open November 12 – December 03, 2021.

Supplemental documents


The following information can help growers increase their competiveness through higher production quality and fruit variety diversification.

Information on building home nurseries:

Descriptions of tree fruits species, blossoming and harvest times:

Information on a variety of tree fruits:

Information on the management of plant pests and diseases that damage berry crops:

The BC Fruit Growers' Association has an Integrated Fruit Production Guide for managing your crops:

Production Insurance

Some Tree Fruit crops are eligible for Production Insurance coverage.  Production insurance helps producers manage their risk of crop losses caused by hail, spring frost, excessive rain, flooding, drought, etc.


The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has a mandate to ensure a safe food supply for everyone in Canada.  Other local, provincial and federal legislation and regulations apply.