Rural General Practitioner Locum Program

Last updated on December 6, 2023

The Rural GP Locum Program (RGPLP) program assists General Practitioners (GPs) in rural communities with seven or fewer physicians, to obtain subsidized locums for vacation relief, Continuing Medical Education (CME), and health reasons. 

Locums for Rural BC

Locums for Rural BC provide the administration for the Rural GP Locum Locum Program (RGPLP)

Locums for Rural BC – Services

  • Assist host physicians with requests for locum assistance
  • Assist locum physicians in completing the application process
  • Collaborates with health authorities in facilitating hospital privileges for locum physicians
  • Makes all travel arrangements for flight, car rental and accommodations
  • Provides an interactive website where host physician can post locum opportunities and where locum physicians can review and request placement.
  • Obtains confidential feedback from both locums and host physicians upon completion of assignment.

For information on eligibility, services, or if you are interested in providing locum services in rural B.C., please visit the Locums for Rural BC Website and the Rural General Practitioner Locum Program (PDF, 86.1KB) policy document.

For inquiries, please contact:

Locums for Rural BC
300 – 2889 East 12th Avenue
Vancouver, BC   V5M 4T5 
Tel: 1 877 357-4757
Fax: 1 877 387-4757


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