Medical Assistance in Dying Travel and Training Assistance Program

The Medical Assistance in Dying Travel and Training Assistance Program (MAiDTTAP) provides funding to assist Health Authorities (HAs) in the provision of MAiD services to residents in Rural Subsidiary Agreement (RSA) communities

MAiDTTAP funds compensate visiting physicians for travel time and travel related costs, including lodging, incurred in conducting an eligibility assessment or providing MAiD when no local medical practitioner (i.e. physician or nurse practitioner) is available, willing and trained to provide the service. MAiDTTAP also compensates local physicians, via a mentorship training payment, for training with a visiting physician in eligibility assessment or the provision of MAiD.

Effective November 1, 2018, MAiDTTAP will compensate the visiting physician to attend and support the first provisions of a newly trained local RSA practitioner. Funding includes travel related costs and travel time, including a mentorship training payment; and is available for up to two provisions for each local RSA practitioner.

For more information, see MAiDTTAP Policy (53.6KB). This provides program information regarding community eligibility, application for funding, and reimbursement.