Facilities Management Services

In conjunction with outsourced service providers, we deliver property management and project delivery services to one of the largest building portfolios in British Columbia. With over 17 million square feet under management, these services are integral to the maintenance of building structures, systems and equipment.

Operations and Maintenance 

Our Operations and Maintenance (O&M) services are performed by over 110 technicians located throughout the Province of British Columbia and comply with defined service level specifications.  To ensure quality of the service provision and to maximize customer satisfaction, we utilize a Performance Management Framework with specific Key Performance Indicators. Quality of service is regularly monitored, inspected and audited.

O&M services include building envelope, interior and exterior, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), plumbing, electrical, and elevator maintenance as well as services for janitorial, landscaping, snow removal, waste removal, and security.  Our most recent service initiative is a Solid Waste Management Program aimed at achieving zero waste from government operations. The services provided to our clients are measured against Service Level Specifications.

Additionally, along with our service providers, we have the capability and capacity to maintain safe and healthy work environments for occupants.  This includes compliance with all applicable legislation in the management of hazardous substances and maintenance of Fire and Life Safely Systems.

Operations Centre

As a service to clients, a call management and response system with telephone and email options to respond to and manage tenant requests for service and issues resolution is offered. The Operations Centre is available to customers 24/7/365 through a toll-free number.

All requests submitted through the Operations Centre are responded to on a timely basis. Clients are informed of their work order reference number and the estimated time of arrival of the service provider.  Customer Service Representatives track the work orders until completion and inform the clients of any delays and ensure customer satisfaction before closing the work order.

Health and Safety Services

We establish and maintain the capability and capacity to manage hazardous substances in compliance with applicable legislation, and manage facilities to provide safe and healthy work environments for occupants, including monitoring Fire and Life Safety Systems.

Emergency Response

An Emergency Response Protocol and Plan is developed with clients and continually updated to ensure the safety of staff.  A detailed recovery plan is also developed to ensure rapid recovery time to systems and equipment malfunctions.

We act as the first level of response to resolve emergency situations. The Operations Centre call tree is in place to immediately manage all emergency calls.