Facilities Management Services

The Ministry of Citizens’ Services manages BC government buildings, in partnership with CBRE Ltd. This includes the oversight and maintenance of 1,800 provincially owned, leased and managed properties throughout BC.

These comprise more than 17 million square feet of property in communities throughout British Columbia. Under its contract with the Province, CBRE Ltd. Provides services like landscaping, security, cleaning, repairs, maintenance and other projects that may be needed on individual properties.

Operations and Maintenance 

Provincially owned properties are valuable assets that belong to everyone in British Columbia. The Ministry of Citizens’ Services works to ensure these facilities and lands are considered good neighbours in BC communities.

CBRE and members of the public service provide maintenance and operations functions – including climate controls, plumbing, electrical, elevator maintenance, janitorial, landscaping and security – to protect and care for these assets.

Operations Centre

Building occupants can access the CBRE Operations Centre 24 hours a day, seven days a week through a mobile application, online and by telephone. The Operations Centre manages all service requests through a centralized system.

Health and Safety Services

Keeping people and neighbouring properties safe is a top priority. Fire and safety equipment for provincially owned properties is regularly monitored, and plans are in place for the management of hazardous materials

Emergency Response and Business Continuity

Being prepared for an emergency can save lives and reduce damages. The Ministry of Citizens’ Services requires that emergency management plans to be in place for every government building in the province. Additionally, a detailed disaster recovery plan has been produced to ensure these critical public assets can return to full functionality as soon as possible following a serious incident or disaster.