Environmental Management Services

With our ISO 14001:2004 registration of the Environmental Management System (EMS) we make a commitment to providing industry leading advice on environmental stewardship.  We provide strategic direction and active monitoring on contaminated sites, pollution prevention, hazardous materials, air quality, drinking water, waste management and more.

Client buildings within our property management portfolio are automatically included within the scope of our Environmental Management Services.  For example, facilities serviced by us are included in our ISO 14001:2015 registered Environmental Management System (EMS).  Under the EMS, we maintain and oversee the implementation of a pollution prevention program, operate in compliance to applicable environmental acts and regulations, and establish programs and policies that support continual improvement in such areas as drinking water, wastewater and solid waste management, air and liquid emissions, and energy management.  We also provide awareness to building occupants in the identification of environmental issues and best practices.

Other Environmental Management services include carrying out regular site inspections, sampling and testing where necessary, and informing clients of any non-compliant systems including advising them of required remediation work to ensure that inappropriate practices are promptly attended to and rectified.  With this, we endeavor to identify and report any actual or potential environmental issues.

Corporate Sustainability Advisory Services

We are a proven and authoritative expert in corporate sustainability, and with our ISO 14001:2015 registration of the Environmental Management System (EMS), we make a commitment to providing industry leading advice on environmental stewardship practices to clients.

As the primary technology and environmental management subject matter experts for buildings and land within the BC Public Sector, we provide objective, skilled, technical, and environmental advice to advance triple bottom-line outcomes at strategic, tactical and operational levels.

We seek to continually improve the environmental performance of our clients’ portfolio by controlling the impacts of their activities and services on the environment.  We provide strategic direction and active monitoring in the delivery of facility management services to clients as it relates to contaminated sites, pollution prevention, hazardous materials, air quality, drinking water, wastewater, solid waste management, green cleaning, and other significant or potential areas of environmental impact.  We also retain records of activities for audit purposes.

Contaminated Sites Prevention and Remediation

We provide an effective management framework for clients to mitigate the risk of contamination and to address remediation requirements of contaminated sites.

Policy and Program Development
We provide consulting services to aid clients in the development of their environmental stewardship policies.

Environmental Regulatory and Policy Requirements
We support and implements commitments to high performance buildings as set out in government policy and legislation, such as the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Targets Act and LEEDTM Gold certification.

Energy Management
We have more than 30 years of focused energy management experience, resulting in over $300 million in avoided energy costs.  By developing and implementing an Energy Management Conservation Strategy, we establish key opportunities in advancing corporate energy efficiency priorities and provide strategic and project-level recommendations for energy reduction. 

Addressing building occupant and operator behavior is an important component of our energy conservation strategy.  Our experienced staff has developed toolkits and training initiatives to provide solutions for the shared responsibility of conserving energy.

Carbon Neutral Action Reporting
As key advisors to the BC Climate Action Secretariat, we are well positioned to support client reporting obligations.  We take a lead role in the development of internal business processes and technology to meet legislated monitoring and reporting associated greenhouse gas emissions.   Accordingly, we have established an Energy Management Information System (EMIS) to monitor and report building energy performance, and a management framework to administer client Carbon Neutral Action Reports.  Our EMIS is specifically designed to provide the required reporting to SMARTTool.

SMARTTool is a software application we developed to measure, aggregate, and report on greenhouse gas emissions from public sector organizations in accordance with Bill 44 – Greenhouse Gas Reduction Targets Act.  The software calculates emissions created from the following:

·        Building (energy consumption)

·        Fleet Vehicles (and non-standard fleet)

·        Fugitive Emissions (refrigerants and anesthesias)

·        Paper Procurement (8 ½  x 11, 8 ½  x 14, and 11 x 16 paper)